Specialty Services

Golden Coin Cleaners, Mat rentals, dry cleaners
Mats available for rent or cleaning

Mat Rentals

We offer an option for business owners to rent mats from us.  As part of the rental process we also pick up, clean, and deliver them back.

Area Rug Cleaning

If you own your own rugs then that’s fine we’ll gladly clean them for you.  Our heavy duty washers will ensure the daily dirt, mud, snow, and salt that gets tracked through is fully removed.  As a way to ensure your rug lasts a long time we specially air dry.  We specialize in oriental, braided and broadloom rugs.

Horse Blanket Cleaning

For local horse owners we can clean your blankets, leggings, saddle pads, and horse sheets.  All blankets are double washed and air dried.  We utilize a special detergent and additive to ensure your blanket is fully cleaned.  We do offer water repellent services as requested, and for an additional charge.

Other Specialized Cleaning

Stuffed Animals- These include collector items and mechanized toys.

Feather Pillows- We clean, sterilize, and replace the casing for your feathered pillows.

Car Mats- Removal of salt, mud, and grease stains.

Smoke/Water Damaged Restoration- Repairing and restoration of any clothes or apparel that has been damaged in a fire or flood.