Dry Cleaning

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Pressing and ironing
Golden Coin Cleaners, pressing, dry cleaners
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Dry Cleaning

We offer two types of dry cleaning:  Bulk or by piece services.

All dry cleaning includes stain examination, stain removal/treatment, appropriate cleaning based off specific garment, re-examination, and finish.

 Pickup & Delivery

Dry cleaning, like wash & fold services, can be either picked up and/or delivered upon request and up-charge.

Please call ahead for pick up services, or request for delivery services when you are dropping off your items.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Congratulations on your big day.  For those that want to keep that memory by preserving their dress, then we would like to help.

Our preservation process is simple.  We first treat your dress of any stains that may be present.  Next our preservation delicately cleans the dress to ensure it’s fully clean before preservation.  Finally we place your dress in a display box.  The box is ph-neutral that allows your dress to breath according to changing temperatures.  The only thing we recommend is that after we preserve your wedding dress is to keep it in a place that does not have direct light.  We recommend this because overexposure to light may yellow and age the fabric over an extended period of time.DSC00370